An Update from Den

January was a long year, amIright?!?

Lots happening over here at Casa Stacey, from trips to Duncan for Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, signing our son up for post-secondary, our oldest turning 18 and further metabolic education and research galore. Mostly there has been the new integration of Den’s cancer into our everyday family life.

Something VERY exciting as well – I FINALLY convinced Den to get in front of a camera to get everyone a video update so you can get the straight goods from him, about what he / we’ve been up to.

And, it goes a little something like this:

A BIG HUGE thank you to Adam Berke for helping us film this and many more to come. Den and I have been working in the background on something exciting we’ll be sharing soon. We think you’ll love it. More to come.

Den + Cala


11 thoughts on “An Update from Den

  1. Sounds super interesting! Looking forward to learning more. Dennis, you look amazing! No one would ever guess that just a few months ago things were so dire. Keeping going! 🕯️


  2. Hi Dennis and Nicala, Thank you for sharing the news of your remarkable recovery with all of us in this way! You look amazing Dennis! Buffy called to give me your news today as well. I’m so incredibly happy for you both. May the blessings keep pouring in~ sending metta, Helen.

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    1. Hey Den, so amazing to see you looking slimmer, healthier and happy. Brillant that you have taken control of your cancer narrative – so many people feel shoe-horned into accepted practice and find that mentally challenging as a result. We are all rooting for you as you continue this journey.

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  3. my wife came across your blog and it seems we have a lot in common from a recent stage four diagnosis of intimal sarcoma to the fact that we both renewed our vows after finding out. we both had part of it removed from a dangerous place (my brain) only to find it somewhere else afterwards. Id love to get in touch and speak with you about your journey and share my own story with you.

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  4. Den, I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Artery Intimal Sarcoma in June 2022. At the time, I was told that there was no one else alive with this cancer. I’d love to connect at some point, if you’d like to reach out.


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